Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prantslased Teevad Ära Jägalas

Were are two french people and we wanted to participate in this cleaning day, for we love Estonia and feel it deserves it. THANK YOU for organising such an event on a national scale. We had participated in some local initiatives already last year (see link)

it was near Jagala Juga, in Joelahtme, there is a lot of work needed there and there are snakes ! In the old Phosforit mines in Joelahtme also it is very hard to pick trash there.

Good luck and we hope this day will be a success, but we think a long term action is also necessary, to educate people not to throw trash.(a campaign, signs, or people patroling on weekends in certain known sites (jagala)... but this is already very good.

Jöude !!!

Amelie ja JOnathan

PS: contact \"Euroopa Noored\", to see if next year, you could organize a \"youth initiative project\", you could get money from europe and 100 volunteers from all other countries to help and give it an even bigger dimension !

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