Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Saksamaa tahab ka Ära Teha

Tui sehuke kiri listi:

Email_address: joerg_herzer
----------------------------------------------------------Comment/Suggestion: Congratulations, I think your idea and the clean up action in estonia is an example for the whole world! I would like to start a similiar campaign in my region in Germany, hopping that german officials initiate a country wide clean up action like in estonia. I would like to know wether the special software based on Google Earth is available and to get more information about the functions of the software and its relevance for the success of the clean up action. Was there a connection between the use of the gps technic and the number of people participating in the clean up action (because of enthusiasm for the use of new technologies, like gps-handy with foto functions). If the enthusiasm for new technologies (mobile phone with gps and foto functions) is a way to get people to think about their environment and to do something against illegal waste deposition, then there is hope that some day the mobile phone generation will change their way of treating natu re.

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